Dr. Neneh Sallah

Senior Research Fellow




Research Focus

My research focuses on understanding the influence of our genetics and the environment on complex diseases by leveraging large scale population, healthcare and genomics data. The aims of my research are to be able to inform therapeutic, diagnostics development and provide important information for clinical decision making at population scale. I have a passion for facilitating global equity in scientific advances and access to health.


Other roles

Media coverage

Key publications

  • Sallah, N., Miley, W., Labo, N., … Barroso, I. (2020). Distinct genetic architectures and environmental factors associate with host response to the \gamma2-herpesvirus infections. Nature Communications, 11(1).
  • Sallah, N., Palser, A. L., Watson, S. J., … Barroso, I. (2018). Genome-wide sequence analysis of Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus shows diversification driven by recombination. Journal of Infectious Diseases.
  • Sallah, N., Carstensen, T., Wakeham, K., … Newton, R. (2017). Whole-genome association study of antibody response to Epstein-Barr virus in an African population: a pilot. Global Health, Epidemiology and Genomics.
  • Kwambana, B. a, Ikumapayi, U. N., Sallah, N., … Antonio, M. (2014). High genotypic diversity among rotavirus strains infecting Gambian children. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, 33 Suppl 1(1), S69–75.
  • Gehre, F., Antonio, M., Otu, J. K., … de Jong, B. C. (2013). Immunogenic Mycobacterium africanum strains associated with ongoing transmission in the Gambia. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 19(10), 1598–1604.
  • Lindsay, Steven W. and Lindsay, Thomas C. and Duprez, Jessica and Hall, Martin J R and Kwambana, Brenda A. and Jawara, Musa and Nurudeen, Ikumapayi U. and Sallah, Neneh and Wyatt, Nigel and D’Alessandro, Umberto and Pinder, Margaret and Antonio, Martin. (2012). Chrysomya putoria, a Putative Vector of Diarrheal Diseases. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 6(11).